Estate Agency Consultancy

Our finely tuned consultancy service gives you the edge, we help you take the time to stand back and envision, define in exciting detail, the business you wish to create. One that will fully meet your goals, aspirations and values. Using our diagnostic checklists, we can then evaluate the business’s current strengths and areas for development. We will map out a comprehensive action and implementation plan to help you achieve massive results and grow the business of your dreams. Having created the roadmap we can tailor our work with you during the implementation phase to be either, with you every step of the way or just on those steps that you would like more help with.

The Business of Estate Agency can help you with the following:

  • Building an attraction based business
  • Achieving clarity about Vision and Values
  • Increasing Revenue
  • Business Health check – a review of current procedures
  • Key Office Systems and procedures
  • Change Management
  • Innovative Service Delivery
  • Lead generation – short and long term
  • Performance Management
  • Building a compelling Employee Value Proposition
  • Recruitment, job scorecards, induction planning
  • Career pathways and staff retention
  • Reward Management and Commission Schemes
  • Marketing and Brand enhancement
  • Exit Strategies and succession planning

Our Approach

Step 1. Book a 45 min free call to discuss whether consultancy would be right for you.

Step 2. A full day with you, starting with a detailed discussion of the key areas to understand your goals, followed by a thorough assessment of the business using diagnostic checklists. Following this a detailed proposal will be drawn up including a full action plan to achieve your goals.

Step 3. Face to face meeting to agree the implementation plan

Step 4. Follow up days and actions to ensure the implementation of your plan and keep on track for success. We recommend meeting every 14 days.