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The Business of Estate Agency

“Our Mission : Your Success”

The Business of Estate Agency can help you take your business to the next level by providing high quality, bespoke training, consulting and coaching services that can drive your business forward.


We believe that People + Process = Performance and is the key to success in Estate Agency. When a motivated and engaged workforce meets simple but elegant processes the consistent delivery of a first class, bespoke service is unlocked. This in turn drives positive reviews and word of mouth, creating a feedback loop that builds over time and automatically draws the best clients to you. The best part is that you will have created a source of sustainable competitive advantage that few agents will be able to live with.

It sounds simple but it’s not easy. Our mission is to help you succeed in today’s competitive market place by providing the knowledge, expertise and insight to help you develop your people proposition, people policies and configure your service delivery processes for ultimate performance.

About Andrew

Andrew Gilchrist MBA is an Estate Agent with over 30 years experience and is a qualified Executive Coach, he is the Founder of The Business of Estate Agency and would love to be part of your growth story. To find out more about working with Andrew